KWON is an official WT approved brand!


KWON has again received official 'World Taekwondo (WT) Recognition' status. This means that KWON gear has been certified as high quality and can be worn and used at WT competition and events. Only WT approved brands can be used at WT events.

KWON has received “World Taekwondo Recognition” for the following products until 12/2024:

- Dobok WT Recognised

- Poomsae Doboks WT Recognised

- Body Pad WT Recognised

- Head Guard WT Recognised

- Masked Head Guard WT Recognised

- Hand Protector WT Recognised

- Arm Guards WT Recognised

- Shin Guards WT Recognised

- Groin Guards Men WT Recognised

- Groin Guards Women WT Recognised

- Puzzle Mats WT Recognised

- Roll Mats WT Recognised

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